Crush is the place we all wanted to work. We just had to build it first.

We did that in 1998 and it’s been that place ever since. We love what we do, and what we do is make moving pictures. Sometimes we make them by ourselves and sometimes we take other people’s pictures and make them even prettier. We like doing both. We do vfx and we do graphics and animation in all its glories. We also shoot our own pictures when the mood takes us, or when our friends and clients ask us to. We do all this for commercials, for the internet, for projections on the side of buildings and behind sweaty rock bands.


Crush Inc.

439 Wellington St. West
3rd Floor
Toronto, ON
M5V 1E7

Tel: 416-345-1936

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Natalia Winardi – Sales and Marketing

Jo-ann Cook – Managing Director/Executive Producer

Patty Bradley – Executive Producer

Gary Thomas – Creative Director

USA – West

Claire Worch, Claire & Company
Tel: 310-318-8700

USA – East

Marci Miles
Cell: 312-771-1584
Office: 914-265-2133


We are always looking for talented people who have passion and a drive for design.


Please send your cv’s to jobs@crushinc.com

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