Children's Wish Foundation

Children's Wish Foundation - Emily's Story

Children's Wish Foundation - Emily's Story

KBS+P Toronto came to us with a lovely little story for the Children’s Wish Foundation. A true story involving a family, a child’s life threatening illness and the joy Children’s Wish brought to their lives. The creative team, copy writer Cristina Simonetto and art director John Roberton developed a wonderful, gentle script and looked for an animation team to work with.

The Crush team jumped on the opportunity to take the team’s poignant story and bring it to life. We wanted the film to be a children’s story brought to life. Crush’s Julia Deakin designed Emily and all the characters, and worked with Yoho Yue and Jullian Ablaza to bring Emily’s world to life.

Jullian worked with talented illustrators, Ashley Barron and Flavia Lopez to create the world using a mix of paper and other media.

Yoho Yue and Joel Tellier rigged and animated the characters, with subtlety and sensitivity to Emily’s story.

Apollo Music’s team took the pictures and added a beautiful, haunting score.

Everyone who touched the project was profoundly moved by Emily’s story and are so proud of the final piece.

Thanks to Julie Poirier and Bryan Ritchie at Church and Dwight, the makers of Gravol for helping make the project a reality, and the producers Claire Cashman at KBS+P, Janice Rebelo at Crush, for getting it done.

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Julie Poirier, Assistant Brand Manager – Gravol®
Bryan Ritchie, Marketing Manager – Gravol®


Dan Pawych- Creative director
John Roberton, Senior Art Director
Cristina Simonetto, Copywriter
Clare Cashman, Broadcast Producer
Adam McClare, Account Supervisor
Paige Heathcote, Account Executive


Gary Thomas, Creative Director
Yoho Yue, Senior Designer & Animator
Julia Deakin, Senior Designer & Animator
Jullian Ablaza, Designer & Animator
Joel Tellier, Animator
Ashley Barron, Illustrators/Assistant Animator
Flavia Lopez, Illustrators/Assistant Animator
Kyle Steffler, Assistant Animator
Errol Colautti, Assistant Animator
Janice Rebelo, Senior Producer
Jo-ann Cook, Executive Producer


Yan Dal Santo, Creative Director
Harry Knazan, Sound Design
Daenen Bramberger and Mike Wise, Music Composers

Posted: November 21, 2012